On Star Wars Day, I described my idea for the future of title insurance by listing attributes of an on-demand system. Below are items I think a buyer would want easy, on-demand access to:

  1. Architectural drawings. If, like me, you’ve ever wanted to make improvements, and had a contractor ask you for the original architectural drawings, you’ll like this one. I’ve often had a written floor plan, without measurements, but I’ve never lived in a place where the actual architects drawings were available to me. We can make them available, at least for new construction, by requiring they be added to the portal. It shouldn’t be hard as most, if not all, are already digital done in CAD software.
  2. Insurance claims. Now, we’re talking about a Carfax like reality-check for real property. If the place burned down or the foundation caved in from a giant flood, earth quake, sink hole, or major accident, the insurance claims will be in the portal.
  3. Municipal permits. As with insurance claims above, if permits were pulled for additions or major repairs, put it on the portal and relieve the owners and brokers from remembering what they need to tell prospective buyers.
  4. Building violation citations and cases. I’m not just talking about current, pending violations or cases, but a full violation history.
  5. Construction contracts, statements and lien waivers. As a title underwriter, it would be nice to not have to ask for this information each and every time. As a home owner, it would be great to know who put in what in case I needed a replacement part.
  6. Would it be going to far to want to upload all the owners’ manuals for all the appliances?

This would amount to a real-time, complete history of the property in my slick-looking, easy to access and read on-demand portal.

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