Americans on the Right and Left Easily Manipulated and Distracted, Easy Marks for Crooks, Conmen and Terrorists

Ellen Beth Gill
5 min readJan 31, 2024

Americans are having a hard time with inflation, low wages, and private equity-owned health and nursing care, but they’re arguing over whether Taylor Swift should go to the Super Bowl and making up fake history about Jewish and Islamic people in the Middle East to arm-chair decide who deserves to live and who not so much.

On the right, they like their shiny new fake controversies, false news, fake cures, and conspiracy theories. The war on Christmas, a holiday plastered all over everything for three solid months but in their minds at risk of being ignored, is over, so they’ve moved on to Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl and conspiracy theories that she’s a black ops spy determined to take over the country for her mob of swag-peddling, hair and makeup social media influencer teenage girls. If the Swifties want healthcare reform, I’m all for them, but I doubt they’re paying attention because they’re on their parents’ insurance. Now, Trump hopes to ride on Swift’s coattails to win or get close enough to cheat in this year’s presidential election. None of his supporters will figure out his Taylor-lean-in means he has nothing to say about anything that might help them live.

The left touts itself as smarter, more compassionate, and much more thoughtful than the right, but instead of arguing for progressive change in an election year, they sit on social media adding nasty antisemitic comments to every post…