Boring procedure or violent dictatorship? Republicans choose latter.

Ellen Beth Gill
4 min readAug 18, 2022

It’s not surprising that Republicans side with Trump no matter what he does. It’s also not surprising that Republicans look to his every word and action, some proclaiming him Jesus or more important that Jesus. They stormed the Capitol on January 6 at his bidding. They reiterate ever silly excuse he makes for stealing government property and national security documents. Republicans just don’t get that our constitutional democracy is not based on any one person. It’s based on a system.

We the People

The Constitution starts our “We the People” in really big letters compared to the rest of it. It doesn’t say, He the President, or They the Military or They the Congress, or They the Federalists, or They the Court. It’s We the People.

The Constitution is a boring read. It contains no grandiose or flowery descriptions of religion or political science or philosophy, It’s a Template for a Working Government. That’s a good thing. Read Voltaire if you want interesting.

The rest of the Constitution contains no grandiose or flowery description of theories of politics or government or philosophy, and it’s sure not any endorsement or description of religion.

My painting of a little block of row houses on the water. Acrylic on canvass. 2022

The Constitution is very mechanical.

It’s a template for organizing the 3 branches of government, a workflow of sorts. Article I Congress, describes the powers of congress, the composition of the House and Senate. There’s a very high-level prescription for how elections will run, leaving most of the details to the states. It describes how bills move from one house to the other. It also describes federalism on a high level, a little bit about what the states can and cannot do such as make treaties or tax imports and exports.

The only hints of enlightenment philosophy in Article I are the prohibitions regarding habeas corpus, bills of attainder and ex post facto laws and no titles of nobility— pet peeves of the writers. Anyone calling Trump a king does so in direct violation of the Constitution.

Article II, the executive branch, is equally as mundane as Article I, setting out how and when the president is elected, qualifications, duties and powers. It’s short because the executive branch doesn’t…

Ellen Beth Gill