Cat for adoption. Cheap Adoption Fee or Reparations.

Ellen Beth Gill
2 min readSep 23, 2022
This is how I work all day. No wonder I make typos. Photo by me 2002.

UPDATE: Skye also likes Italian Beef, dipped, sweet peppers.

Likes: Eating. Vomiting. Eating again. Vomiting again. Eating other cats’ food. Vomiting yet again. Vomiting on the small percentage of the floor covered by a rug. Vomiting in the human’s bed. Vomiting in her own bed. Rubbing nose against hand while you’re typing. 2 AM baths. Snoring. Standing in front of the computer screen and adding bs and xs to emails and important legal documents. Meowing all day and all night. Proudly carrying wand toy around in her mouth crying “I win’d” in cat language. Head and tail base scratches. Short power naps. Ribs, hot chicken wings, Alabama white barbeque sauce, anything left over in the ice cream bowl, and little peach hand pies.

Dislikes: Her new Toy Story “Woody” toy. Her new “Lamb Chop” toy. Obedience. Nail clipping. Her own food. Going to the vet. Sharing. Long naps. Peeing in the box. Vomiting on the floor when there’s a perfectly good rug nearby. My bedtime.

Politics: Republican for sure

Comes with: Gigantic high-sided litter box never pee’d in but pee’d next to. Full toy box of rarely used catnip-filled toys. Little cute nose freckle.

Cute Little Nose Freckle. Picture by me 2022.