Covid is OVER (again)

Ellen Beth Gill
1 min readAug 5, 2022

Great News!

This morning, and I heard this report at least twice as it’s repeated on NBC Now, Jacob Ward declared Covid is over.

News to the 164,117 Americans who reported new cases yesterday, and all the people who’s infections won’t be reported at all. News to my three friends who are fighting Covid now. News to US President Joe Biden still in Covid quarantine.

The hosts of the program who interviewed Ward didn’t bat an eye when he said “now that Covid is over.”

We can agree, at least a lot of us can agree, that Alex Jones’ lies are unacceptable, but we let guys like Ward state, with a straight face, that Covid is over when the President of the USA has Covid, and a lot of other Americans have it too.

The media is a lie-fest in the mainstream, so how are we supposed to shut down lies in the fringe media.