Free Business Culture Checklist

Ellen Beth Gill
5 min readFeb 10, 2024

If you own or manage a company, you can save your time creating business mission statements, corporate cultures, and values lists. No one cares, and we know you pull generic versions off the Internet. Here’s one for free, and one your employees and customers may appreciate:

Mission Statement:

You can make it cute or creative, but in essence, all mission statements should be something like this and should reflect honest goals:

To provide the best quality products or services at the best prices, observing laws, ethics, and environmental imperatives, respecting our community, and respecting our customers and employees as human beings.

An aside: people, especially Americans, are growing impatient with poorly constructed, bad, and dangerous products, shrinking quantities, and worse service for expanding prices and generally being nickeled and dimed with price increases and fraudulent demands for service fees and tips. American employees are tired of being the brunt of customer frustration and pawns in a game of squeezing the business from both ends.

Corporate culture and values (hint: games, gift cards, and pizza are not culture — okay, pizza is culture and frequently appreciated, but it’s not corporate culture or part of a compensation practice)

This is a business, not a game.

We’re not playing games, literally. There’s no foosball table because if you have nothing to do, ask a coworker if they need help…