I agree in part and disagree in part, but I think you need to add an historical perspective and the realities of American Jewish life. For the most part we do not want to move to Israel and are suspicious of those on the Evangelical far right who seem to want us to move to create some sort of pre-ordained biblical destruction. Zionism was a hard sell to American Jews at its inception because it was yet another group telling Jews they had to move and they recently moved to the USA and didn’t want to move again. It only gained acceptance by American Jews when the same racist forces that were perpetrating Jim Crow turned their attention to anti-Semitic endeavors and then of course, “America First” in the nineteen-teens just before and during WWI to stop immigration and again in the 1940s to pass laws to exclude Jews trying to escape Hitler. If Americans would tone down the anti-Semitic rhetoric, most American Jews would be happy to stay put right here in the USA and most are Democrats and most work for social and economic justice because that’s how we were raised — by grandmas who loved the New Deal, if not FDR himself for his lack of attention to the plight of European Jews. My grandparents always said “Everyone does better when everyone does better,” and that’s more the American Jewish mantra that any Zionist slogans. And, by anti-Semitic rhetoric, I do not mean valid criticisms of Israeli policy or Netanyahu. I mean the good old fashioned neo-Nazi and KKK “Jews will not replace us!” rhetoric and the nasty centuries old smears the far right has used for centuries. I think the focus in the USA should not be a primer on how to start a new conflict in the Middle East and bring about biblical destruction on innocent people of any religion or national origin, but on what to do about the 1/3 of American who have again been incited to up the ante and bring us back to days of racist motivated violence and exclusion.

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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