I completely disagree. While it’s not okay or good to be needlessly mean and snarky, nice is how women get raped and how Jews ended up in ovens. Politeness is the great ally to crime. People become crime victims when being polite. Numerous people have gone up to the car, helped the stranger, went quietly with gangsters or Nazis. Yes, you can be too polite. I know this sounds bad, but police will agree and tell kids that no adult needs your help, don’t go up to that car etc. It almost happened to me. I was walking home late and I lived in the downtown area to be close to work but a part of my walk was in a quiet area. A car was stopped with the door open. A man and a woman yelled over to me to come by the car. I knew better and didn’t. They yelled that they really needed my help. I yelled back that I’d tell my doorman and he’d call the cops to help them. They shouted obscenities at me and took off. Not being nice, kind or helpful is not always but is sometimes warranted. Even if there’s no risk of immediate physical harm, people lying on social media to spread a false narrative that supports racism or fascism should be called out. You don’t have to be nice and shouldn’t. Some of these racists need to be called out big time. I read your book about how you lied for a living, Ryan. Had someone called you out early and often it would have been better for everyone involved, including you.

Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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