Oh how I love to be Jew-splained by people who don’t recognize that one’s last name doesn’t have to be Goldstein to be Jewish. I'm European Jewish, on both sides, 100% per Ancestry.com, and I was taught to recognize Nazism when I saw it. Trumpism is Nazism. There are 115,000 dead Americans from what is at the very least reckless homicide. Now Trump and his gestapo agree that not testing is the best solution for rising Covid-19 numbers. I see this as an intentional homicide because they’re intentionally hiding the extent to which Covid-19 is deadly. How many dead do there have to be for murder to rise to the level of genocide? I’d say over 100,000 fits the bill, perhaps less would too. And, as if that's not enough, add the continued lynching of American Black men and use of unwarranted force to disperse legal peaceful protests. My family escaped prior to WWII but my great grandparents were harassed in a similar manner by the police in Poland (then, the former Austro-Hungarian Empire where Jews had been treated relatively well until WWI) in the later years of WWI. Those were called pogroms and it later became Nazism but it was all the same thing — overheated white nationalism combined with bad leadership that lights the fuse for it’s own power and money. So, this Jew calls Trump and his group Nazis because they are acting like Nazis, and I am strongly suspicious you're a sympathizer and wrote this article to defend Trump, Republicans and the neo-con Democrats who all make money from this con game against the American people, robbery with the ultimate distraction of the intentional spread of a deadly pandemic. They can pretend the deaths are from natural causes but they may as well dig mass graves and pull the triggers or build fake showers to hide the gas chambers because it’s just as intentional and the dead are equally as dead. And, there is nothing sacrosanct in Judaism about using the word Nazi when it fits. In fact, Never Again demands it and Never Again is now buster. Most Jews get that. I’ve even seen rabbis use the term to describe Trump. So, you might want to take your tirade down because as I said, it’s making you look very bad.

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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