Not true. The Comfort was just another Trump administration debacle because it was supposed to be for non Covid-19 patients but the plan was riddled with problems, having been stupid and thoughtless to begin with. First, the supposedly non-Covid-19 patients had to wade through hospitals overrun with Covid-19 patients, making them possible carriers before they boarded. Then, most people are delaying non-emergency medical care because of the pandemic, so only emergency patients were potential customers, and again, they could only access the ship by going through an already overrun hospital. The ship itself became a Covid-19 risk unsuitable for non-Covid-19 patients. Members of the crew had tested positive. Finally, they converted the ship to test and treat potential Covid-19 patients but it was too little, too late. There were not and still are not enough tests, and by the time the ship was ready, it was outside of the newly worked out health system procedure. Everything this administration does is a failure because it never thinks anything through and thinks small when it comes to average Americans. The only large thoughts coming out of the West Wing are the large number of tax dollars thrown at the rich to make them richer.

Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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