Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse: Per Trump, America will be back open for business by Easter. Are Americans Prepared for the Worst Case Scenario?

Are they prepared for what that turns them into?

Trump and Republicans are sick of their stocks and other investments going down, so the new plan is to get business going again, force low paid, uninsured and under-insured Americans to go back on public transportation and back to work. Trump will once again be able to rally his white supremacists into murderous chants. Maybe Trump’s “good people” can tell him all about their plans to infect law enforcement employees and Jews.

The CDC has said that the worst case scenario, the doing nothing outcome, will result in up to 1.7 million dead.

The CDC has also reported that COVID-19 lasted in those Diamond Princess cruise ship cabins for around 17 days.

It’s not just the deaths, a lot more people will get sick, the CDC estimated that to be around 214 million. Yes, people recover, but not all recover completely. I’m not sure how well the economy does with 214 million sick and some percentage of that always requiring medical care.

The idea of social distancing to flatten the curve was not only to save lives, but to protect our health care system from being overwhelmed; so American doctors won’t have to be stretched beyond human capacity, ration ventilators and make tough decisions on who must die (like in Italy). I guess Republicans believe that’s too much, stock prices are too important, profits are too vital. There is no way they’re prepared to take care of Americans on the lower end who cannot absorb the economic hit. The bill currently under argument in the Senate is mostly an enormous giveaway to corporations because that’s how we do things in the USA.

In an unrelated matter, we can reflect on the Nazi program that resulted in the deaths of up to 300,00 in Germany from 1939 to 1945. The program was called Aktion T4. It was a system of “mass involuntary euthanasia” (otherwise known as murder) of the sick, disabled and mentally ill people, including children and even newborns. Diseases that made one eligible for the program included schizophrenia, epilepsy, newborns missing a limb, a Nazi doctor not liking the looks of you.

Saving money was one of the reasons given for the Nazi program of mass murder of the disabled, disabled newborns, the sick and the mentally ill. To kill the newborns, they’d lie to the parents telling them their children were going to receive “special treatment.” Doctors who participated in the program were tried in the international courts and even an American military tribunal. The latter was called the Doctors’ Trial. Sixteen Nazi doctors were convicted for crimes against humanity.

A lot of the Aktion T4 victims were gassed quickly. COVID-19 death can be long, drawn out and scary. You can either choke on your own fluids or die from septic shock. Small price to pay for the health of Mar-a-lago and the Dow stocks, and so Trump doesn’t have to come up with those tests or PPEs, I guess.

Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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