Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse: The corner of pandemic and corporate greed isn’t a great place to be.

The White House felt it sufficient to present us with the My Pillow Guy to spout some religious nonsense at us in lieu of a real federal update on its handling of the pandemic proving they don’t feel the need to pretend to care about us anymore. Airlines and mortgage bankers got their bailout. We got a ridiculously insufficient one-time payment that won’t pay a months rent for most people. Their job here is done from their point of view.

Joe Biden is still mostly in hiding and is still against affordable health care, standing on the system that requires everyone who doesn’t have a job and cannot get a job to have a job.

For want of any real national leaders, people turn to celebrities. After a week of providing bad online entertainment (proving the importance of the often ignored crew members who provide lighting, sound, makeup and such [especially editing]), the celebrities tell us via Twitter from their safely insured palaces where the concierge doctor is on speed dial, that we’re #allinittogether. Most of the celebrities that I’ve seen online are against our Medicare for All health care rescue. They can send their personal assistants to the grocery store, or maybe for something that dangerous, the personal assistants send their personal assistants.

Today’s worry, for me, is the supply chain. The low wage workers who get our food from farm to factory to grocery store are rightfully annoyed at their high risk/low reward situation. Many are striking. While I fully understand their need to do so, I worry about what that means for the rest of us. Certain to result in depression, will this pandemic also result in famine? Will countries we used to airlift supplies to have to drop food on New York or Chicago? Will they do it? We haven’t been very good world neighbors as of late.

Really, seriously worried about the supply chain, I’ve changed my shopping strategy. First, I decided to stay out of the store and order for delivery. Gov. Pritzker asked us to stay out of stores as much as we can and less contact with the public might comfort store employees. Then, I changed my shopping list. My delivery grocery list, if we ever get it delivered, now looks like we’re setting out for the Old West in a covered wagon. While not in hoarding quantities, I’m buying less fresh and less frozen or canned food, and more dried beans, split peas, flour, yeast, baking soda and powder, stuff that will make more and last longer without taking up too much room like a store house of canned goods would. I’ve never shopped like Mattie Ross from True Grit before so I don’t know if I’m doing it right, and I couldn’t find salt pork, but I’m hoping we’ll get through the next few months without starving.

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One worry is gone. My cat appears fully self-sufficient in getting food in case we die and no one comes to collect her. Even if she finds our remains insufficiently edible, she can chew through the cat food bag.

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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