Okay Scott, here it is (maybe it’s not so funny after all, perhaps just amusing — but I’ll give you two stories): Here’s one story: There were only 5 active Kerry workers from Illinois before the Iowa caucuses. Just about everyone else was for Dean, a few were for Wesley Clark. The “Deaniacs,” as they were called, wore matching orange jackets and hats in Iowa and canvassed in large groups. We canvassed in pairs wearing regular clothes, coats… business casual. There was a little mischief between their large group and our little group of 5, harmless pranks, mostly played on us by them, but it was more funny than bad so no big deal. Unfortunately for Howard Dean, these groups of young men scared the senior citizens living in the Davenport area where we canvassed. Many people told us they thought the Deaniacs looked like a gang. I don’t think they looked like a gang, but that is what was communicated to us by people likely to caucus. I always felt that was how Dean lost Iowa. It wasn’t him, it was his campaign. Someone a little older and more experienced probably should have done away with those orange jackets. Anyway, here’s the story about the swiftness of the flip from Dean to Kerry. It was either the day after the Iowa caucuses or a day after that, I don’t remember for sure, but it was mind bogglingly fast after Iowa. I was sitting in the downtown Chicago Kerry office to set up a phone bank for New Hampshire and beyond. I answered the office phones because I was the only one there for a while. The phones were going nuts all morning starting about 8am. Why? It was all the Illinois for Dean people who had worked in Iowa calling to the Kerry Office to see if they could come into the Kerry campaign with some sort of position. Our group only had 5 people, no one had a title or position. Apparently, there was a whole hierarchy in the Dean camp and they were angling for the same thing on the Kerry campaign. They were competing with each other, some telling me bad things about others. It was cutthroat, and some were actually trying to negotiate with me. I responded by telling them to come on over and phone bank. Some did, some did not. No one got a title. Poor Howard, most of his Illinois to Iowa canvassing team never even made it to “the scream.”

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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