Please Stop Throwing Up in Your Mouth a Little While Playing 3D Chess or Pelosi’s Mistaken: Hold Public Hearings for Impeachment




plural noun: clichés; plural noun: clichés

1. a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

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I don’t want to hear that you “threw up in your mouth a little” when [insert whatever bugs the writer here]. I have two cats who throw up on the carpet often enough. I don’t want to hear about throwing up unless you’re telling me about a better carpet cleaner. In particular, I do not want to hear that cliché when you’re giving me writing advice. Next time I see that in your Medium essay on how to be a better writer, I might throw up in your shoe, a lot, for real.

Also, I don’t want to hear that anyone is “playing 3D chess while [someone else] is playing checkers.” I don’t want to hear you say that your favorite politician is playing 3D chess unless you attach a picture of them playing a game of 3D chess. Specifically, this week, I do not want to hear that Speaker Nancy Pelosi outplayed Republicans by taking impeachment off the table, leaving the ball in their court. Pelosi’s comment was not a brilliant 3D chess move and your lauding her comment not only betrays a lack of original thought, it’s factually incorrect and I can prove it.

First, you tell me Speaker Pelosi broke out the 3D chess set when she nixed impeachment because American’s aren’t ready for impeachment. It’s better not to talk about impeachment until Americans are ready. I’m not sure the premise of that argument, that Americans aren’t ready for impeachment, is true but even if it is true, you can’t hide evidence of a crime and say the jury can’t convict. You don’t take impeachment off the table before you examine the evidence. You learn the facts and then decide if Trump committed impeachable crimes. You learn the facts by demanding public hearings. You don’t settle for one measly public hearing with one witness before a mundane congressional committee. You demand multiple, multiple-witness hearings before high level sexy committees like Judiciary and Intelligence. You make the witnesses tell the American people what they did why they did it and for whom they did it. You remove doubt — ether way.

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Then, you tell me that Pelosi is a genius because she’s playing Trump and Republicans. The problem with that argument is that Republicans weren’t played. They’re going with it, using it for their agenda. Trump tells you that Pelosi’s comments prove a lack of evidence and “presidential harassment” and “witch hunt.” The accountability vacuum has freed Republicans to own the news cycle accusing Democrats of anti-Semitism and making it stick as the media grasps for a story. So, instead of stories about Trump’s crimes and Republican irresponsibility or complacency, you’re hearing stories about those anti-Semitic Democrats. Think about it for a minute. The torch bearing “Jews will not replace us” mob and those who call them “good people” are getting away with calling Democrats anti-Semitic. Lucky for Democrats that Aunt Becky from Full House was indicted or Republicans would have won the Internet this week with their nonsensical accusation.

Also, you tell me that the Speaker is right, and we need to trust her. I’ll tell you why it’s difficult for me to trust her — the Third Way. For decades, as Republicans pushed their far-right-wing agenda, Democrats have done little but try to please them. It’s called the Third Way and we’re told it’s about running to the right on certain issues to attract Republican voters. No single payer but yes to insurance companies and Obamacare without the public option. Yes to the Iraq War and no to investigating the lies that got us to yes on the Iraq War. The problem with the Third Ways is that it’s never worked. Democrats have never and will not even earn Republican votes by trying to be a little bit Republican. Republicans who adore Donald Trump and hang on every word of Fox News and Brietbart are not voting for Democrats. So why continue to work the Third Way strategy that’s never worked? Wealthy and corporate donors like it. It keeps the DOW up and ensures no pennies will be spent to help a poor person or hold anyone accountable for corruption. Pelosi’s no impeachment policy is not smart politics, it’s Third Way politics. It’s not for Americans’ own good. It’s about what makes the donors happy. I don’t trust it. Neither should you.

I can’t believe it, but you tell me further that Democrats can’t gear up for impeachment because it will prevent passage of the Democratic agenda. Sorry, but in case you haven’t figured it out, the Democratic agenda will not pass the Republican Senate and Trump will not sign it into law. The Democratic agenda won’t pass this neglectful and complicit Republican Senate without adding accountability. Adding accountability will go a long way to crowbar Republican senators out of their cushy do-nothing jobs and elect people who will work for the American people.

So, please, Democrats, stop parroting clichés about 3D chess at those of us who demand hearings and evidence and impeachment if proved warranted. Impeachment is not a risky political remedy. It’s a legal remedy in the US Constitution, the basis of US law. The writers of the Constitution were particularly sensitive to unaccountable autocratic rulers. They burned that sensitivity into the Declaration of Independence and did not write it out of the Constitution. They did not give liars, crooks and traitors a pass because it might be disagreeable to corporate monopolies, oligarchs and rich white CEOs and helicopter moms. Bring on the hearings. Present the evidence. Make the participants explain themselves. Then, hold these employees of the American people accountable for their actions.

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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