Republican Plans Come into Focus: Sell off the Country Like an LBO

Ellen Beth Gill
5 min readAug 13, 2022

What do capitalists do? They buy up companies, destroy them, raid the pension funds, and sell off the leftover parts. They’re running out of companies, and pension funds, to raid, so now it’s the good old USA’s turn.

Fun with Little Green Stamps in a Book Before the Massacre

This morning, a social media picture of S&H green stamps reminded me of the 1985 leverage buyout that destroyed Wieboldt Stores Inc., a local Chicago small appliance retailer. When I was a kid in the 1960s and 1970s, my mom used to have my sister and I stick the little green stamps into a book using paper towels and a bowl of water that would turn green from the stamps. When we had enough filled books, she’s drive us to the Evanston Wieboldt’s and we’d pick up a toaster or a mixer or whatever. It was fun. It ended when rich people with too much money decided to gut the place, and it’s employees. This was done over and over for decades to companies, and communities, all over the USA.

Actual Photo of a Republican Hanging Onto Trump’s Innocence and Victimhood

Trump’s Intelligence Giveaways as an LBO of the USA

DOJ got a warrant, a warrant in a highly sensitive case, meaning they proved something big and important, and it involved espionage, which means Trump didn’t just hide nuclear documents under Baron’s bed for a souvenir. He, very possibly, or very likely, peddled the documents to a foreign power. Knowing what we know about Trump, it had to be for money or some scheme he thought would make him money, like cushy-ing up to Putin to get a Moscow Trump hotel and ending up as President so Putin would have a high level inside operative.

Trump has a history of giving away USA intelligence to Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, attempted China, his favorite, countries run by dictators. Are we expected to believe he thought it was good for the USA to do so when he’s all about making deals to benefit himself? What did he get, or think he was going to get in return? There was going to be some benefit and it was to him. Apparently, Republicans are or think they will be on the gravy train because they’re still supporting this guy.

What if they Threw a Civil War and No One Showed Up

While Trump hands out our intelligence, and often our stuff, he and others in the Republican…

Ellen Beth Gill