The fascist we worked to unseat that I referred to above was Republican congressman, later senator, Mark Kirk who once garnered the support of a neo-Nazi hate group, the Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, and still makes odd racist comments when he gets a little media attention. Over many years, I tried to dissuade Kirk from obtaining and using extremist hater support and support from the increasingly fascist Republican party, but to no avail. As for Barack Obama, I helped start IL-10 for Obama and I was an Illinois delegate to the Democratic National Convention when he spoke in 2004 cheering him on. (I’m in his video biography.) If Mr. Ridgway, who I’d bet is a Trump-like “Jews will not replace us” anti-Semite, looked at my earlier posts, or even knew that there is no Democrat in the White House, he’d have saved himself the embarrassment of accusing me of being a Trump supporter merely for being Jewish. In fact, the vast majority of American Jews are Democrats, upward of 80–85% because we know a real Nazi when we see one. I didn’t mention Kirk by name earlier because as much as I disliked his politics, and disliked him personally as he was (still is) a pretty nasty guy, I kinda felt sorry for him after his stroke. However, he still owns his misdeeds that helped bring our government to this point, as do the IL Tenth Dems who abandoned their progressive roots and now support Brad Schneider, a Democrat who apparently has no problem with Trump — silent on Trump even after El Paso. So, I guess my point for people too ignorant and too prejudice to understand is that the Republicans are Nazis but in many ways the Democrats helped them get there, and still do as guys like Schneider stay silent in the face of dangerous racism likely to lead to war and/or genocide, and Pelosi refuses to impeach, making political calculations before doing the right thing.

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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