The Politics of Unsealing the Trump Search

Ellen Beth Gill
3 min readAug 11, 2022

I didn’t think we’d ever find out any details about the Mar-A-Lago search warrant, supporting affidavit, or seized documents said after hearing over and over from the media that these documents may be too sensitive to ever be available to the public.

Garland Press Conference

However, AG Garland just finished a press conference stating DOJ has filed a motion in the Florida Federal Court to unseal the warrant and property. This is good news if it happens. If all that material remained secret it would, and already started to, create a national security problem giving Trump and violent supporters new claims of injustice. This development, if it happens, takes the air out of their sails.

The unsealed documents may create a separate political problem if they turn out to be not-so-bad, making this look more political than emergency law enforcement.

Still No Answers Why Trump Lawyers Didn’t Run to the Courthouse

I still wonder why Trump’s lawyers, who were on the premises during the search, didn’t rush into court to stop it if they really thought the warrant was based on speculation. It probably wasn’t.

Broken Politics, Broken Courts, Broken Government

The overall problem here, which illustrates how broken politics create broken government, is that DOJ falls into a political quagmire no matter what they do. Continue to let Trump flout the law and they’re playing politics in favor of Republicans. Stop him and everyone shouts they’re playing politics in favor of Democrats. The only way to prove the law is being followed is to unseal everything.

This is why politicizing the courts and just about everything else broke the country. I blame Republicans for it because they’re the ones who stopped playing by the rules, particularly when it comes to the courts. The federal courts are a mess of political shenanigans and federal court opinions are almost impossible to decipher because they’re so political you can’t figure out where the law ends and the politics begin. Case in point from my world is the recent RESPA case Consumer Fin. Prot. Bureau v. Borders & Borders, PLC,. I cannot figure that opinion out when reading it together with the RESPA statute and the definition of “thing of value” together with the safe harbor and what makes an meaningful disclosure when presenting it at the closing table was unlikely to permit a change in title provider. What I can…

Ellen Beth Gill