The Racism Biz

Ellen Beth Gill
4 min readSep 22, 2022

The Florida Racism Tax

While entirely unwilling to pay for health care or education, many Americans are very willing to pay the racism tax. Their favorite racist political leaders charge them for the privilege of yucking it up on social media about owning the libs and hurting immigrants or Black people or Latin people or Hispanic people, or people who identify as LGBTQIA+. They open their wallets, and no questions asked, making it very easy for politicians to hide corruption in racism.

Ron DeSantis spend $615,000 on two airplanes carrying 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. That’s $12,300 per person, more than double the market price for the most expensive domestic charter flights, per the Daily Beast. But, wait. DeSantis isn’t done spending Floridians’ money on his racist campaign stunt. He’s promised to spend $12 million more, and the Republican-controlled Florida legislature is helping him do it. The legislature allocated millions of dollars to send immigrants to sanctuary or otherwise liberal cities. Florida taxpayers paid the steep racism tax. Florida has already promised another $950,000 for future flights.

The willing corporate cohort in DeSantis’ Voyage of the Damned is Vertol Systems Company Inc. Both the company and its president, James Montgomerie, are significant Republican party contributors. Montgomerie seems to have an affinity for Matt Gaetz and State Rep Jay Trumbull, Jr, who chairs the committee that approved the spending.

Who in Florida is mad? Not many. Many Floridians agree with DeSantis, who said the flights aren’t political theater, but the lawsuit is. The same people who scream about paying for schools or health care are happy to open their wallets to harm others and parade migrants around to taunt political enemies.

Don’t forget that in Texas, Greg Abbott took federal funds granted for immigration issues and spent it on some bus tickets and a program used to harass Hispanic and Latin people. Where’s the rest of the money? Who’s getting paid? Are they Abbott contributors?

Texas and Florida’s Voyages of the Damned

I don’t know about you, but I am getting some serious Voyage of the Damned vibes from these flights and Greg Abbott’s buses from Texas. Voyage of the Damned is a movie based on a true story from just before WWII. Hitler wanted to prove that he was no more anti-Semitic than anyone else and no other country would take in the Jewish people he planned to exterminate, and he was mostly…

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