There has been a lot of recent information. It’s pretty clear that herd immunity is a fallacy pushed by the rich who want everyone out spending money they don’t have on stuff they don’t need as usual. They don’t care what happens to the masses because they can hide away in their well-spaced-out country estates. It’s less clear whether or not pharma researchers are going to be able to find a vaccine because of consistently low antibody data. There have been several warnings that pharma’s putting out press releases about imminent vaccines are overstating their successes to manipulate stock prices. Huge caveat on any rosey reports from that sector. However, it does look like COVID-19 is less transferable by touching items that have been touched by carriers than they originally thought, but it’s also turning out to be likely more transferable among people in close quarters indoors, particularly in the flow of HVAC. People seem to spread it less when outside and not tightly packed in. It’s all about breath and aerosol transfer through the air. The fact of the matter is that catching the virus still has a lot to do with the people with whom you come in contact. It’s not just a personal hygene thing as you seem to be suggesting, If touching items touched by others isn’t a major spreader, handwashing, while helpful, is not and end all. I know only worrying about oneself is a right wing wish list item but it’s not true. We still all affect each other and have to act like we do by showing each other the courtesy of distancing and wearing masks in public. This whole thing could have been far less deadly and intrusive if our stupid and selfish leaders didn’t ignored it for months and then call it a hoax for more months.

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Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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