A Hollywood Ending for Immigrants

We can find the answer in Trump’s obscene suggestion

Today, Donald Trump reintroduced an idea he had a while ago. He wants to flood detained immigrants into sanctuary cities. The crux of the plan is that these Democratic Party strongholds will reject the immigrants or accept them, creating an epic humanitarian crisis in each of these cities. His hate mob is cheering it on hoping to “own the libs” by harming and humiliating people while they’re already down.

The suggestion has been roundly criticized by Democrats and the many in the media as illegal, but it reminds me of something else. Have you ever heard of the German ocean liner, the MS St. Louis?

The St. Louis was commissioned in 1928. The liner was named after the US city of St. Louis, MO, but was built in Germany by a German ship building company, and registered and operated as a German ship. It often, but not exclusively, sailed the Transatlantic Route from Hamburg to cities in Canada and the Northeastern USA.

In 1935–1939, German Chancellor, Adolph Hitler, as part of his “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Problem” decided to strip Jews of their rights and herd them into ghettos. The Nazis commenced the Holocaust, the mass murder of Jews and other minority people, around 1940, but in 1939, someone over there in Nazi Germany had a brilliant idea, one that would show the world no one wanted the Jewish people. Making other countries put up or shut up would make the extermination of these people a whole lot easier.

The Hamburg-American line, the ocean liner that owned the St. Louis, had developed a plan to transport Jews out of Germany. The Nazis, who had otherwise arrested and imprisoned Jews and closed their borders, decided to let them do it (smart just like Trump, huh?), and on May 13, 1939, the St. Louis sailed with 937 Jews on their way to Cuba. Twenty-eight Spanish and Cuban citizens along with a suicide survivor, were granted entry into Cuba , but sadly, and as the Nazis likely assumed, other North American cities rejected the balance of the refugees and sent them packing back to Europe. The balance of the refugees were taken in by the UK and several European countries that would soon fall to Germany, ensuring that several died in the occupation and Holocaust. No one kept track, so no one knows how many St. Louis passengers died. Experts estimate over 200 died, adding that the death toll was probably higher.

Now, Trump floats a similar plan. He wants to make a show of it, proving that sanctuary cities either don’t really mean it or that the immigrants’ presence causes turmoil.

And yet, the solution is in the evil plan itself.

When you read the book or watch the movie about the Jewish passengers of the St. Louis, called The Voyage of the Damned, well if you’re a good person, you want the US and Canadian cities to accept the Jewish refugees and save them from the Holocaust for a grand Hollywood ending. So, why don’t we do it? We are sanctuary cities because we believe immigration enriches us, stimulates the economy, improves the food, the culture and is a good thing. Let’s prepare and take them in. Let’s not whine and bellyache that Trump’s plan is illegal. That’s what he wants and even though illegal, complaining about it won’t help the immigrants. Let’s treat it like any other big, important goal, like FDR did with the New Deal, JFK did with the Space Program, and LBJ did with the Great Society. Let’s get together and organize every humanitarian group, every local charity, every religious group, every sanctuary city and the states where they sit. Let’s plan carefully to make sure there is no chaos and no humanitarian crisis. Then, let’s open up the cities and roll out the welcome mat. We can do it. And we’ll be the better for it.

Trump’s Hitler-like, horrid, illegal plan is a gift to sanctuary cities and immigrants if we treat it as such. We can show the world, Trump and his minions of haters that we want the immigrants and they enrich us just like we say they do — because it’s true.

Written by

Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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