“Vote Blue No Matter Who” and Other DNC Attempts to Disenfranchise Voters

“Vote Blue No Matter Who! Will You Betray the Country?” “Will you vote for the Democratic Nominee if it’s not your preferred candidate? “Who is Donald Trump most afraid of ?” “For which Democratic Party candidate is Trump telling Republicans to Vote?” “Let’s take a poll. Who will you vote for (and it had better be our proclaimed “safe” candidate)?

These rhetorical questions are over social media, and are all thinly veiled admonishments against the Bernie Sanders supporters, as if Hillary Clinton’s nasty, divisive 2016 convention and eventual tanking in the rust belt were our fault.

And, they’re all attempts to disenfranchise Democratic voters. There are a few variations:

Voter Shaming

The Bernie Bros created President Trump, the missteps of the Clinton Campaign, the electoral college, and 24/7 cable news adoration of Trump besides the point. And, Joe Biden was supposed to be the beneficiary of this voter shaming. Progressive voters were supposed to ignore Joe’s votes for war, for surveillance, for corporate welfare, and against sensible financial regulation, the safety net of Social Security and Medicare, and real health care reform. We were supposed to ignore his favorite Republican favored fake bipartisanship. We were supposed to look at those humorous Obama/Joe memes and feel, not the Bern, but the Joe/Obama warm and fuzzies when voting. Didn’t Democratic Party elites notice that Joe was a punchline in those memes? Joe wasn’t Laurel. He was Hardy.

Be A Better Republican (Episode 3-it doesn’t work, again)

Joe couldn’t keep his dopey mouth shut and tanked in Iowa and New Hampshire, so the Democratic elite moved to Mayor Pete, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a state he will never carry because he’s a Democrat, and a town he’s unlikely to carry because of his racist police problem. Pete, like Clinton and John Kerry before him, has this new, exotic and it just might work theory that by dismantling the Democrat’s extremely successful 20th century pro-middle class agenda, he’ll get Republicans, who hate him, to vote for him. (For more on that great not-so-new strategy, do a browser search of Presidents Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Ooops.)

Don’t Rock the Vote. Cheat it.

Knowing Pete’s a likely bust in the long run, the DNC made him the temporary placeholder until Michael Bloomberg got his act together. That got them through Iowa and New Hampshire with only minimal problems easily handled by a known poorly functioning app and a media blitz against the actual winner, Bernie Sanders, by party-controlled network MSNBC. All they had to do was declare a fake victory in Iowa and get Pete the New Hampshire bump. It almost worked except the DNC’s finger prints were all over that Iowa app.

Don’t Rock the Vote. Buy it.

Now, Michael’s up and running with a large television ad purchase against Trump. You can hardly watch Gray’s Anatomy or Star Trek Picard without being bombarded by them. They’re devoid of any policies that might help a normal person but the Democratic social media echo chamber is thrilled to be distracted from high rents, high grocery receipts, dental cost nightmares and the ever dreaded cancer bankruptcy by anti-Trump rhetoric.

Democratic voters are supposed to be so grateful to Bloomberg for running these anti-Trump ads that we nominate him, policy be damned.

Don’t Rock the Vote. Extort it.

The saddest Bloomberg ads of all are those where Obama betrays everything he told us he stood for in 2004 and 2008 to send the message, and the message is clear, the DNC establishment has gone Bloomberg or Bust and we had all better fall in line or we get King Trump. This is the gun put to our heads and when a gun it put to your head to vote for someone who will do you no good, you don’t have a vote. You’ve been disenfranchised.

The Hillary Clinton Bait and Switch

If that’s not enough, there’s a new disenfranchisement scheme in town, the Bloomberg/Clinton bait and switch. Democrats have jumped on a suggestion by The Drudge Report (yes, that Drudge Report), that Bloomberg is going to make Hillary Clinton his VP, and quit when he wins to make her president. Democrats are applauding this suggestion all over social media as some sort of justice against Trump and Trump supporters. What’s it called when you “own the libs” by harming yourself, but in reverse? “Own the MAGAts?” Will “owning the MAGAts” make your housing, food and insurance costs affordable with your stagnant salary? Will the bait and switch do anything to secure American Democracy?

Democrats seem to want to do anything and everything except allow the primary voters to decide on the nominee. That’s disenfranchisement.

Written by

Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator. Worked on many political campaigns and learned nothing will help until we enforce our laws, particularly laws against corruption.

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