You May Have Already Joined an MLM

Or… If I’m on your sales team, why can’t I eat in the employee cafeteria?

Ellen Beth Gill


My inbox is full of messages from major companies that do and can well afford to hire a sales force and an ad team. So, why do they need me to do it for them, and what compensation are you offering?

Credit Card Referral Bonuses

Don’t join our credit card sales team for a salary, commissions and health care benefits. Nope. Join our referral program and make a whopping $100 plus or minus. If, and there are several big ifs.:

  • if you use our online system to send nagging messages to your friends and family,
  • if you can get them to complete and send in the application,
  • if you they’re qualified,
  • If they take the card, and in some cases…
  • if they use it.

That’s a significant amount of work for $100, the same work company employees do, but no Thanksgiving special in the employee cafeteria, no health care, and no 401K match.

Some of these credit card companies don’t pay in cash. They might not tell you upfront, but payment may be made via gift card from one or a choice of places you don’t shop at. You may get airline miles or hotel points, but not enough to pay for travel or lodging. Other companies pay in points where the exchange rate of points to cash is as embarrassing as the rates of company script to USD from…